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Programming Thread Anonymous 08/01/2019 (Thu) 15:17:01 No. 145
Welcome to your friendly GNU plus Linux programming thread

>I wanna learn programming, but I do not know where to start

For a more academic approach I highly recommend MIT's Opencourseware lectures


Derek Banas is a very good youtube source of tutorials


>What language should I learn first

It depends on what you want to focus on

>for web development
HTML is the barebones of a website, but it's not a programming language, regardless, you must learn it if you want to create a website

Resources to learn HTML:


You will need a bare minimum of one scripting language, Javascript which is the most widely used on the front-end (what you can see in a website)



After you learn both, you can continue learning more Javascript and learn something like Node.js on the back-end:


Or you can learn other languages for the back-end, like PHP:



>But I don't know which one to choose, which one is best?

There are pros and cons to each of them, many developers understand the basics of each other because programming languages tend to have similarities in how they work.

Personal opinion: Go full Javascript, you will learn only one language, and Node.js is widely supported nowadays

>I want to learn how to create applications for the computer

In such case there are several programming languages for that. Many to count but these are some which are widely used


This is a relatively easy programming language, and it has the advantage that it also allows you to create Android applications later on:


This is a widely used programming language by Microsoft, it can help you too if you later want to learn to create games, as it's used by Unity a popular game engine:


Many options exist but these are the easier to start with in my opinion

>I want to create mobile apps

In this case, you should also learn Kotlin, read above on desktop languages

Another language you could learn:

This programming language was created by Google, and it has Flutter, a framework for creating apps


This is a personal opinion; Typescript is an improvement over Javascript, adding it types and classes (you will learn what this is in due time) and you can create apps with an SDK called Ionic

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>What is programming like?

Programming is all about logic and problem solving, you will need to think constantly on how to solve a problem and figure out how to implement that solution correctly

>How can I tell if I will like programming?

If you enjoy the sensation of achievement when you are given a very hard problem, you will definitely love programming, however if you don't you might not like it as much

>I understand some programming, but I want to get better, how do I get better?

There's only one way, PRACTICE

You need to code as much as you can, try making small apps and then improving on them, start small or you will get demotivated

>what resources do you recommend to ask questions when I get stuck?


It's a website where you can ask programming questions about almost any programming language

>Can you recommend me programming books?

The O'Reilly books are very good:


Manning books are quite well written too, in general


However there are instances where the official documentation is so good you rarely need third party resources; a few languages have programming books written by the creator of the language itself
(92.43 KB 678x960 frontback.jpg)
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(1.17 MB 1052x1342 DX4Z5YcVQAAAPHG.png)
echo "tfw no gf ;__;"

SELECT Number,Name FROM qts WHERE MBTIType = "INFP" ;

>This is a widely used programming language by Microsoft, it can help you too if you later want to learn to create games, as it's used by Unity a popular game engine:
This video is not for beginners, beginners in programming anyway.

This is probably better.
C# is a piece of hot trash. node is fucking better than that pile of garbage. And it takes a lot to be worse than node. If you want to learn game development learn Godot (which has a much more intuitive and easy to use interface). It comes with its own scripted language (GDScript) or you can work natively in C++.

C# is ass because it's designed for Windows. It doesn't work well on other platforms. If you're going to abstract, you might as well give a benefit for it. It's just a trap to make you fall into the Microsoft ecosystem.

Outside of things like Unity it's basically useless anyways.

Better non-glow languages:
>C (C++ is shitty for multiple reasons, but use it if you wish, especially with Godot)
All of these can be used in some capacity for game development. Python and Go have wrappers for SDL, and SDL is native to C. C++ is a non-useless language, but only go for it if your environment requires it (or you want something on your resume -- you can always write c-style). For example Godot uses it in its Native API.
I can't speak on Dart, but using javashit for any application is a bad idea. You want to know why Discord eats up to a gig of RAM? It needs an entire browser stack just to run the damn thing -- and it runs it slow. Now you're putting that onto a mobile system with 4GB of RAM and a slow CPU. Stop teaching babies to eat with their foots.
What a joke.
Another joke. Websites should avoid javashit at all costs. It's insecure, slow, and (you guessed it) eats RAM. A website should be perfectly functional without it.
(77.25 KB 600x800 penn_jillette.jpg)
At least it isn't C#™️
Well, at least C# isn't literally the PAJEET language par excellence
At least Python isn't a nugget language.
C++ is best girl


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