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(170.49 KB 782x522 shhhhh.png)
Tell us your secret, anon Anonymous 09/19/2019 (Thu) 03:11:52 No. 260
The juicier the better ;)
(13.00 KB 209x241 devilish.jpg)
I don't usually wash my hands after I got to the bathroom. It's gross but I don't really care unless it smells.
(130.00 KB 797x600 candlejack.jpg)
I only brush my teeth once every few months.
(35.45 KB 624x514 yummysoylent.jpg)
how many teeth do you have left from doing this?
(375.70 KB 560x560 warface.jpg)
10 and they're all in the bottom, 3 white crowns and 11 stainless steel.
for fucks sake anon
how much did that even cost you? I'm struggling to get just one tooth replaced. 11 is absolutely insane.
(52.83 KB 480x480 1437858549468.jpeg)
I was a kid when most of the crowns were done, so insurance paidt, it cost them a pretty penny I'm guessing. I'm kind of in your boat at the moment now though. I had 12 a little over a year ago and most of the rest are due to fall out anytime now.
(90.49 KB 750x1174 knockoff-toys-32.jpg)
I used to jerk off to my own art when I was younger cause my mom didn't want me to go on porn sites.
(5.52 KB 231x218 confess(1).png)
(59.01 KB 906x1200 imretard.jpg)
I vape
(24.95 KB 700x700 goodvibesvapejuice.jpg)
I vape too. What flavor?

For me, it's pic related.

(1.40 MB 360x238 smocke.gif)
Get cancer like real men.
oh fuck this place is comfy

i still miss my ex that's about all i got for ya
What was your ex like, anon? You can talk about them if you want, we'll listen
(97.37 KB 861x1170 1518789629080.jpg)
honestly a god damn bitch in retrospect
but thats what i get for letting her essentially live with me when i was way too young
Oh gods, this what would happen to /b/ if summerfags didn't keep coming...

I've blackmailed 3 people into being my sub slaves in as many years, only one liked it, and I have a slightly guilty conscience over the way I used them, but not enough to stop.
if your post number is any indicator, anon, you'll find a new qtpie pretty soon
I'm gay
(72.98 KB 1080x900 1569109421289.jpg)
i've fucked up a lot. been in a state hospital for 2 years now because of it.
am I alone?
You're not alone if you accept Jesus as your one and only god.
I just don't know anymore.
What's bothering you, anon?
there are things that don't make sense
Nothing makes sense in the world; that's why we must make our own meaning within it.
I take it day by day I guess. have many friends, good job and it just seems so ethereal
(13.64 KB 385x367 thinganimugirl.jpg)

So you feel like things are too good to be true?
more like sensitive I guess. I've been through all sorts of ups and downs. do you?
I think everyone goes through ups and downs, anon. Life is very delicate, one small thing can make it all fall apart.

For me? The only way I find inner peace is by focusing on the present moment. It doesn't make up for the past (we've all done things we're not proud of), but it does help me for the future I want to create.
I've often daydreamed about larger than life fantasies. it makes it hard to live in the moment. I don't think that inner peace is an idea that is going to get me to feel like a complete being
bizarre dreams? hallucinations?
let's pretend for a moment, you're in an experience you can't understand.
(64.90 KB 540x540 whyamilikethis.jpg)
Kind of in the same boat as you.

Got myself a handful friends that actually care, a good job and some hobbies to pass the time when I'm home, life is good right now but I feel like I don't deserve it.
>feel like i dont deserve it
Get that shit out of your mind. You didnt put it there. Those thoughts are bullshit. You deserve whatever life you managed to make for yourself. Leave that guilt bullshit in the trash.
(62.41 KB 540x360 goodtimescat.jpg)
This is a great perspective on life, I appreciate this support Anon. I hope you have a good day today. ♥ (no homo)
My gaydar just went off like a cat down onto a tree with barbed wire (yes I know what that sounds like, why don't you?).
You're definitely more than a little homo.
It's probably a girl, not a faggot
I can tell because I've seen women on the internet a few times
>I've seen women on the internet a few times
I don't know whether to laugh or cry. If you can't see under her skirt, she's not a woman, anon.
*Proceeds to explain the concept of traps*
I like traps
Traps are nice, but they aren't women.

They're far superior.
men are better in dresses ;)
Have to respectfully disagree, chicks with dicks are better in dresses, but men are better in pants.
chicks with dicks are just men in dresses.
You can call them men if you want, but they really haven't earned it.
(125.34 KB 1024x731 yang.jpg)
I watch RWBY and I like it.
This is the most degenerate thing I've seen, and I've been on b and soc during scat-guro happy hour...
My secret is I wish I didn't have to tone down for society. I wish I could just howl at the moon and bare my bloody fangs. But I can't, so I live life with the flames at a flicker.
y-you're not a furfag, are you a-anon?
No, anon, metaphors still exist in 2019. Don't kill the self-indulgent vibes, brah...
(62.83 KB 678x636 1446938362894.jpg)
I'd estimate that I've spent around $2-3k commissioning mlp porn in my ponyfag days.
I have clinical lycanthropy. I also wish I was more accepted for crying out at the moon, but I live way out and by the time the moon is full, I dont even care or remember anyways.
>giving away your secrets
What a miserable fags.
no u
N u!
>I also wish I was more accepted
What a way to create your own degeneracy sjw-like culture stream.
Do it, just for lulz.
(64.28 KB 540x573 kent.jpg)
Actually, I have both a penis and a vagina.
(21.51 KB 500x492 D7NshPcWsAA1H6H.jpg)
Easier to fuck yourself that way
(3.76 MB 324x324 huh.gif)
Can I use your pusspuss to help save the white race?
C-can you post a pic?
(57.05 KB 811x1081 15706558039690.jpg)
I tell people to install gentoo but I still have windows installed on my main computer
While guys have to remove entire ribs to suck their own dicks, I only have to turn my floppy penis 180 degrees to enjoy myself, so laugh all you want, we all know who the real loser here is.

For a mere 1 bitcoin, yes.
(214.46 KB 1024x1454 Jesus_christ-5.jpg)
I singlehandedly saved the world from an ancient elite group of demonic shapeshifting pedophiles after engaging them in psychological warfare for years using only the power of my mind and nobody believes me or if they do the intelligence agencies shut down threads immediately whenever I post. I am also gangstalked 24/7 and can't even go buy groceries without some spook trying to gaslight me and make me paranoid. I am finally revealing myself here of all places because 4chan has pretty much been taken over by CIA operatives and turned into a honeypot. Oh also nobody will believe me but just on the whim that someone does, feel free to ask me anything. My knowledge is your knowledge.

Anyways, do you happen to know anything about healing? I think I broke my heart, how to fix it using my mind?

Btw, do you by psychological warfare and using your mind mean some paranormal shit or simple counter psy-ops? If later, I guess you can't answer my first question.
(60.40 KB 500x590 sylvester.jpg)
Were you born that way or are you a tranny?
(21.00 KB 448x326 13i.jpg)
I am the one, the only Poo Poo Pee pee man
(16.57 KB 336x336 23p.jpg)
<Poo Poo Pee pee man


Your welcome!

Anyways, do you happen to know anything about healing? I think I broke my heart, how to fix it using my mind?

Healing takes a while. I still have many psychological scars myself, but you begin by engaging in meditation. Start slowly maybe take 30 minutes out of your day to meditate on something peaceful and beautiful that brings you joy. Then slowly over time increase that period. The more you do this the faster you will heal. You must also let go of any anger or hatred as they are acids that will destroy you slowly from within so that the enemy never even has to lay a finger on you. He uses you to destroy yourself. Don't fall for his tricks!

Btw, do you by psychological warfare and using your mind mean some paranormal shit or simple counter psy-ops? If later, I guess you can't answer my first question.

Counter-psyops. It's the same thing really but in the past people were ignorant so they used the world "paranormal" to describe phenomena beyond their understanding. I don't have any magical powers or anything i simply discovered how to unlock all parts of my brain and use it to its full potential. most people only use about 50% of their brain and the elite want to keep it this way. A human mind operating at 100% efficiency is a horrifying thing for them.
(16.03 KB 444x336 040.jpg)
(12.45 KB 448x252 040a.jpg)
(3.90 KB 360x140 040b.png)
(50.78 KB 800x800 Fruity-Cereal-800x800.jpg)
For me it's the dude it's not weed tho lmao CBD
When I was 13, I experienced the death of a person close to me. I had night terrors. My mom made me sleep in the bed with her. She wore a long T-shirt and panties to sleep in. I wore my tighty whities. One night I woke up from a bad dream. My mom was laying on her side with her but pooched out toward me and her panties were twisted. I could see her pussy lips poking out of her bush. I spooned her with my dick out of the pee hole in my underwear and my dick slipped into her pussy really easy. I gave her two or three slow pumps and came in her. What I didn't know until later was that she was on sleeping pills. I did this a couple of times a week for about six months until she forgot to take her pills and woke up during. She let me finish and then had a talk with me the next day. She wasn't mad. It continued until I was 16 and my mom caught me fucking a 14-year-old girl from school. She came home from work early, heard us and opened the door. We haven't been close since.
Ouch. That's...awfully juicy anon. Definitely a confession/secret for sure.
(24.65 KB 448x264 33m2a.jpg)


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