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Anonymous 09/19/2019 (Thu) 19:33:54 No. 268
Monarchism is the only way to save xchan from the leftist blight.
You cannot be a true xchanner unless you support the monarchy, and break the blighted shackles of republicanism. >>268
I have found my new home.
Monarchism didn't save the UK, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway from leftist blight.
Those aren't true monarchies.
Heh, I thought this was a joke thread when I passed over it. Another flavor of the week Ism that will save us all, so long as we accept the gospel and are devout believers...*yawns*
When will xchan get a /pol/?
I'm not interested in /pol/ related content, to be honest. I don't feel it fits the spirit of xchan at this point in time. I completely believe in free speech, regardless, and would recommend anyone looking for pol related content go to https://16chan.xyz/. The owner is very open minded and chill; I know him personally.
I agree with this, I've been interested in Xchan because I like the aesthetic and its nascent identity. Bringing a pol would really homogenize the user base and make Xchan another generic board. It seems this place has an idea of what it wants to be and hopefully it will get there in time.
Ah, thanks anon. I'm trying pretty hard to make sure the site has its own culture. This does mean it will be slow at first, but we'll see how it goes. I have high hopes.

I wanted to mention this was one of the few nice things someone has said about the site in a while, so it means a lot. Appreciate it.


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