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(20.26 KB 429x266 1568045205793.jpg)
So anons... Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 00:08:45 No. 73
What's the worst experience you've ever had with a woman?

For me, it's most experiences really, but ok ne in particular stands out. I was e dating a girl, bought lots of gifts for her, and after a while I was suspicious because her pictures seemed...off.

I asked her for a picture with a timestamps, or two fingers up, and she refused. I want pathetic enough to keep getti g catfished and 'broke up' with her, but I was obviously pathetic enough to get catfished so theres that.

Post your blogs to make me feel better guys, fuck I hate women so much hahaha someone love me
One time I spent the whole evening flirting with this girl. We had a good time. I was a teenager and had long hair at the time. She had on some very short denim shorts. So when she offered to braid my hair, I let her. She was sitting in a chair, and I was sitting on the ground between her smooth legs. I took the opportunity to look at her legs, she would bounce her breasts on my head. It was a good time. Then I turn around and take a look at her crotch. I could see just a bit up her shorts, and there was some kind of growth going on. It was like a black mold.

Freaked me out and I was done for the night. Spent the evening telling jokes, drinking, and going home.
(212.73 KB 1920x1220 1567454312223.jpg)
Ewwwwww wtfff
That's disgusting
(580.08 KB 550x275 invasionofthebodysnatchers.gif)
She was a pod people.

What is a pod person, anon? I don't get it
It's a movie.
Gib movie title pls
Ahhh, old movie. Makes sense.
How have you never heard of Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Kids these days. I swear to fucking god.
>inb4: I wasn't born yet granpa
Try not to brag about being uneducated. It was before my time, too.
(11.90 KB 293x300 untitled.jpg)
trips of truth desu
So I was a teenager in high school and this girl was going to skip school and come over on valentines day. As a stupid faggot teenager I tried to do some kind of ultra cringey "romantic" setup that I don't want to discuss which she somehow went along with, probably just so she could drink the bottle of boone's farm that she brought with her. We started fucking around but like I said I was a stupid faggot teenager so I didn't have any condoms and was sure any unprotected sex would lead to cauliflower dick like they showed us in health class so I stopped and told her we'd need to drive 10 minutes to go to the store and get some condoms if she wanted to have sex. She was like ok lets go so we did and then we did.

Then she went around telling her friends that I got her drunk and raped her.

I'm old so there wasn't all the whore activism we're used to these days and nothing bad happened to me but it really hurt my feelings since I had no clue women are full of shit before that incident.
(284.16 KB 540x520 1519889631745.png)
what the fuck is wrong with people...
That girl sounds like a piece of shit.


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