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+ board; make your own board. Admin! Ace of Diamonds#Vw7ZiR 09/01/2019 (Sun) 14:38:16 No. 1 [Reply]
How it works:

You may request to get your own board from the admin. This is based on the merit of your idea, and your plan, so think carefully before submitting a new thread idea.

The votes will be based on the number of positive mentions (you) get on your thread submission. Right now, I think a count of 60 mentions would be enough to make a board for you, but this number will change based on traffic after the second requested board is made. Please do not post more than once in a thread to vote. Please keep in mind that global rules still apply. This means no loli, no politics, nothing against United States law.

To vote:
Vote for yes-- 1 (you) of the thread, with an optional positive image + message.
Vote for no-- no (you) of the thread, with an optional negative image + message.

You will own the board and be responsible for its traffic, activity, rules, and content. If your board becomes dead then it may be deleted or removed.
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The point of these questions is to promote moderators who are competent, and have good ideas. The goal is to aim for minimal dead boards. Less popular boards will not get kicked or deleted unless the board owner cannot run it anymore, and cannot spend time on the community anymore (in which case, a substitute can be established).

In your subject line, please write the board's name.
You can include a picture if you want, but this is optional.

In your new thread message, answer the following questions:

What is the board name?
What is this board's description? What is it about?
Do you volunteer to run this board as a moderator? Y/N
(You MUST volunteer in order to request a board.)
How do you plan to bring this board traffic and users?

Please write additional information which may be relevant to this request.
This may include, but is not limited to, the following:
Have you run a community before? If so, how many members did the community have? Do you have proof of this claim, and proof that it was yours?
Do you have previous moderator experience?

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(28.03 KB 604x604 thumbsup.jpg)
>I vote yes!
>looks good

or varying indication of your "yes" vote.
(69.51 KB 248x244 angery.gif)
Fuck no.

(notice-- there's no mention, no (you)'s to be seen)
You may comment ITT with suggestions, questions, or concerns about this system.

(55.23 KB 252x255 1567722247240.png)
Anonymous 09/11/2019 (Wed) 06:47:46 No. 13 [Reply]
Is there gonna be a /b/?? Or r9k??
This board is for volunteering to make your own board, faggot. There's a questionnaire you were obviously too lazy to read.

(1.33 MB 2160x3840 coffee.jpg)
Sen 09/02/2019 (Mon) 17:47:35 No. 6 [Reply]
can i get a /comfy/ board?
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eh too much work
Indeed. Making a community and running it takes work, lol.
tell me about it lol
please explain /comfy/ to me. It sounds nice.
basically a board for comfypoting
No rude shit, no politics, no toxicity.
A place where people can come and chill a bit.


no cookies?