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The ghost of xchan. Skeleton 09/27/2019 (Fri) 03:44:44 No. 79
I have some knowledge from good authority that there's a user on xchan who does not know they are cursed. Whenever you read their posts, you will forget what you read after you close the site. You will never remember this anon or their posts, even though they contribute interesting discussion all the time. You may have even talked with this anon before and won't remember it later.

Some say this user is dead; others say this user is in a parallel reality which glitches fairly frequently. What do you think? Who is it? Where do they come from?
Is it you? Do you want to be remembered?
Likely all will forgot of this, but if you do not, luck be upon you, and may the gods smile.
its me
no, literally me
>Here to help make a shadow quest: Trouble in the omnidimension. #[e/scape/d]


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